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23 Brandt Street, Unit G, Steinbach, Manitoba R5G 1Y4


80% of all DISEASE is Rooted in STRESS

We're Changing the Way we Think about Stress

We encounter stress in many ways in our daily life; for the most part, we dismiss it as ordinary and necessary. But the human body was not created to endure chronic stress and the long-term effects of stress create an imbalance in our cells. Unbalanced cells can become the gateway to reduced quality of life.

We have the technology to de-stress you. A simple, non-invasive, sophisticated software provides insight into what your primary stressors are. 

Why Green Table Talk? 

Green by definition refers to bright, thriving, flourishing 

We tend to see ourselves as just skin and bones, but truthfully, at a cellular level, we are more like batteries.

Healthy cells maintain an ideal range of voltage. When we encounter stress our cells become imbalanced and it causes us to become symptomatic.

Electrical frequency is the language our cells understand. Using Quantum Biofeedback we can use frequency to bring balance back to your cells. 

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What is Quantum Biofeedback?

Quantum Biofeedback is a non-invasive, sophisticated technology that energetically measures the strength of your reactions to thousands of stressors. 

It retrains your body and mind to a better reactivity and re-educates your muscles for stress reduction.


Quantum Biofeedback is an incredible tool used to increase your awareness of stressors.


At the smallest particle of who you are (your cell), you are an electrical field and magnetic. At a million magnifications, your body looks like light and flying particles. Your cell receptors monitor the environment within your body. What you think, eat, speak out, and believe brings life to your cells or takes life from you. 

Stress is not a way of life, but something you must manage in your life. 

Six seconds of

negative thought

takes your immune system twenty-one hours to

recover from.


To Book Your Session with Green Table Talk, Click the Button


Introductory QB Session

A 120-minute stress analysis session includes life coaching, therapeutic counseling and blood type nutrition consulting. 

Regular Price $139


Follow-up QB Session

A 75-minute stress analysis session includes life coaching, therapeutic counseling and blood type nutrition consulting. 

Regular Price $89


Focused QB Session

A focused 60-minute stress

analysis session

Regular Price $79

- The Referral Reward -

Refer 3 friends who book a session

and get a FREE session.

Green Table Talk Team

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Marilee Arthur is an accredited practitioner through The Quantum Academy, a graduate of Kelowna College in applied Psychology and Counseling, a personal trainer, a fitness specialist through CFP, and a nutrition consultant. She has more than 40 years of experience coaching and cultivating positive change in her clients. 

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Steinbach, Manitoba

23 Brandt Street

Unit G

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